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ArCon timber is one of the most advanced 3D CAD timber construction programs for architects, planners, engineers and construction companies. This efficient solution is for ArCon users who plan with wood. The program with its clearly structured and intuitive interface provides planners the opportunity, detailed designs in 2D and 3D. With free timber structures can be realized even the most complex wooden constructions. The structural modeling of wood and steel beams used in the same manner and enables the operator can work. Produced a binder may be reproduced in an instant via a copying function or element mesh.
Complex roof structures can in a few steps with the help of the integrated roof wizard created. Alternatively, you can enter the project with a free floor plan input. Subsequent changes to the roof profile settings at any time. Available dormer Assistentenmit a variety of forms. The roof openings in the construction of roof windows and a fireplace can be automatically provided with substitutions.

The module allows you to enter up to ten layers of the wall as a stand, plates, battens, insulation, formwork or logs. The Connections of the corresponding wall structure can be defined individually. Additional corner posts with user-definable cross section and position are also possible.
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