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We offer the ideal solution for your machine joinery! Already in the design of the CNC unit is integrated. Roof structures, logs, stud frame constructions can be combined in VisKon.
Perfected transfer to joinery machine
- With a few clicks of the mouse, transfer the object created to the desired CNC controlled manufacturing plant
- In addition to the corner plank elements that are automatically generated, connections such as splices, dowels, drill holes, trim, etc. can be created and
  ultimately transferred to the joinery machine.
- Save the created connections in the desired format according to type of machine
CNC position numbering
- Multiple options for indexing building components guarantees trouble-free production process
- Output can be made by floor, building section, layer, or the entire project. The CNC position numbers permit clear layout placement of the component and
  thus support error-free assembly
3D Labelling
- Free 3D perspective drawing of building by inputting angle and tilt of view and Insertion of building component numbers and labelling into perspective
- Execution of separate tasks of processing
- Colour coding according to type of component
- Automatic recognition of building components by component name
Building component collision control
- Recording of missing connections or oversights in the structure, so that mistakes in fabrication can be kept to a minimum
- Automatic oversight with a marker symbol that can be displayed or hidden on command
Supported joinery machines
- Systems supported: Hundegger, Schmidler, Krüsimatic, Weinmann and Auer
- Information on control using other CNC systems on request
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