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VISKON SECTOR B - create complete wooden houses

VisKon 3D-CAD/CAM-software for the building - from planning to the finished project!
WETO offers with its new CAD / CAM program VisKon timber various possibilities for the implementation of various roof constructions and multi-layered timber - systems such as bars, blocks, timber frame and post-and. Based on the latest development environment, Microsoft.NET, and in combination with the DirectX 9.0 graphics interface is one of the latest programs created in the field of timber construction.
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VisKon - 3D CAD / CAM - logs module for easier, you work in dealing with your logs. Whether you want to create simple or difficult construction, the module logs for Viskon does it for you. In multilayered structures with different logs and strength was also placed emphasis on how easy operation. The insertion of vertical holes at the waist sides is possible, as the rapid wall finishing with standard commands.
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