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VisKon 3D-CAD/CAM-software for the building - from planning to the finished project! WETO offers with its new CAD / CAM program VisKon timber various possibilities for the implementation of various roof constructions and multi-layered timber - systems such as bars, blocks, timber frame and post-and. Based on the latest development environment, Microsoft.NET, and in combination with the DirectX 9.0 graphics interface is one of the latest programs created in the field of timber construction.
Custom Wall & Ceiling Definition
- Define walls with up to ten layers of studs, boards, battens, sheathing, or planks
- Polygonal multi-layer ceiling with up to ten layers
- 3D preview supports the work process
Custom-defined connection system
- Corner systems and connections for the respective wall assembly can be freely defined
- Additional corner studs with custom-defined section profile
Acquisition of wall definition & flexible development
- Input of windows and doors in 2D or 3D in real-time view
- Intersection of walls with the pre-set corner definition and setting the header parameters for openings
- Custom segment division for stud walls, automatic and manual separation into different selectable divisions
- Create wall components with the aid of assigned layer definition, either all walls in common or individually
- Collisions with shaft components indicated with filled voids
- Packetize the walls to prepare schedules and mark the shafts at thresholds and frame for fabrication
Planks with notched connections
- Settings for plank parameters
- Notching of all kinds possible: notching with different thicknesses in layered walls, "Tiroler schloss", dovetail, tenon
- Joints and glides within the notches taken into account
- Symmetric and asymmetric notch depth settings from outside using tolerances
- Insert vertical drill holes on the jointed sides
- Create round planks for manual joining using automatic wood frame construction for visualization
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